Overview of Treatment

All three programs provide adolescents with an intimate setting that fosters individualized treatment for residents with a multitude of issues which cause them to need out of home treatment.  Although a short term residential program, we pride ourselves on the intensity and focus of relationship-based treatment.  Through these relationships and treatment, residents learn and exhibit the skills necessary to prepare for a future with their families or in a less restrictive setting.

Treatment Team

Our treatment team is committed to providing unparalleled clinical services. The team members include a Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist, licensed clinical social workers, registered nurses, a psychologist, an Advance Practice Nurse, a school principal, certified special education teachers, behavior care specialists, parents, guardians, community providers, and other clinical support staff.

Family Focus

The CFG staff, residents, and families work as partners in treatment. We have demonstrated the ability to engage, cultivate, and maintain a youth’s connections to family and natural supports as we promote family engagement. We offer weekly family therapy to facilitate reunification and to improve relationships with family members. CFG is committed to making family treatment accessible for every family. Therapists often arrange evening or weekend sessions for parents with daytime obligations. In addition to weekly contact with the child’s therapist, parents are encouraged to attend and participate in the monthly treatment team meeting.

Treatment Planning

Within the first week of admission, the multi-disciplinary team creates a Treatment Plan, which includes diagnoses and measurable goals that the team recommends the resident achieve while in treatment. The treatment plan is created and discussed with the parents and the resident. The plan becomes the working blueprint for therapeutic interventions. This treatment plan is reviewed monthly in a meeting which all team members are invited to attend. A formal report is written each month, which addresses the resident’s current progress on treatment plan objectives and goals.

Each resident’s individual need dictates the services that they will receive.  Individualized assessments occur during admission that are thorough and that identify short term daily goals and longer term goals that are criteria for discharge.  Treatment progress and length of stay is regularly evaluated by the parents, outside supports, and our entire multi-disciplinary team. CFG is committed to providing residential treatment for a period of time that is not longer than clinically necessary.