Where is your program located?

Our programs are located at 1000 Atlantic Ave Camden, NJ 08104.

What types of children are admitted to your program?

CFG Residentials, LLC, serve young boys and girls aged 11-17 who suffer from emotionally and behaviorally complex challenges.

How much will tuition cost?

This is a Medicaid reimbursed program.

Will my child be working with qualified and licensed professionals?

Absolutely! In addition to being supremely talented, dedicated and experienced, the members of our academic, clinical and administrative teams hold a range of credentials, licenses and certifications. For more specific information about the professionals who make our programs so powerful and effective, visit our Staff page.

Is your program accredited?

Yes, CFG Residentials is accredited through the Council on Accreditation (COA).

How long will my child need to remain in the program?

The length of stay is individualized and depending on a child’s strength and needs.

How will the program meet my child’s academic needs?

Our academic program is provided by Brookfield Academy and is designed to meet student’s individual educational needs.  Our teachers are certified and trained to work with learning and behavioral challenges.

Brookfield Academy provides educational assessments, individualized academic plans, study skills instruction, therapeutic behavioral modification and hands-on learning methods.

What types of therapeutic/clinical support will my child receive?

Intensive therapeutic services begin the day the resident is admitted to the program. Upon arrival the resident is interviewed, assessed and assigned a primary therapist.

The primary therapist interacts with the residents weekly during individual, group, and family therapy sessions. Additionally, at least once a week the resident’s strengths and needs are discussed in a multi-disciplinary team meeting..

What is a typical day like for residents?

Students follow a structured schedule designed to provide a range of academic, therapeutic and productive recreational activities.

How much involvement will I have in my child’s experience at your program?

Your involvement is essential to your child’s success — and our program is designed to include your family in the therapeutic process as much as possible. Highlights of our family support efforts include family therapy sessions, informal phone calls with your child, letters to (and from) home, home visits, and a monthly treatment plan meeting.

How do you prepare residents (and families) for life after your program?

We work closely with all residents and parents to prepare detailed plans to support our residents’ continued successes after they complete our program and either return home or transition to another intensity of service.

How can I learn more about your program?

Call 856-541-9212 or visit our Contact Us page. We look forward to discussing the many ways that CFG Residenials, LLC can help your child.