The Kids in Transition (KIT) Program

Opened in May of 2005, the KIT Program is a Specialty Bed Residential Treatment Program for 12 adolescent males, ages 13-17.  The program provides 24 hour a day specialty residential treatment in a highly structured environment to children with emotionally and behaviorally complex challenges. KIT strives to prepare boys for a successful transition back into their families and home community or other permanent setting by providing consistent care and a safe place for a healing experience.

At the heart of the KIT Program treatment philosophy is our firm belief that the foundation upon which all positive growth and change occurs is a sense of internal security which is strengthened by healthy attachments and relationships. KIT uses a multi-disciplinary approach to address the complex needs of each child, building upon his strengths towards success.

Prior to a child being referred to KIT, community case management entities have reviewed available treatment options and appropriate levels of care with the child and family. Once it has been determined that KIT would be an appropriate fit for the child and family, referrals can be made by a Care Management Organization (CMO), or The Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) with the approval of the Children’s System of Care (CSOC). KIT provides treatment to the most vulnerable, high risk youth who meet the Specialty Services Criteria through CSOC with a full scale IQ above 55.


Insight and Excel Programs

The Insight and Excel Programs are Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) Programs that opened in January of 2006 to provide intensive treatment to emotionally and behaviorally complex children who require continued stabilization and treatment in a highly structured residential setting. The Insight and Excel Programs help children, adolescents and their families build social, emotional and behavioral proficiencies. Our focus in treatment is to stabilize the child and promote and maintain a functional family environment.

The only difference between the Insight and the Excel program is the age of the children. The Excel Program serves pre-adolescent males and females ages 11-13, while the Insight Program serves 14-17 year-old male and female adolescents.  Excel and Insight is for those residents who are in need of mental health treatment, stability and strength-based training while empowering independence and family reunification.  Children are referred to CSOC directly from inpatient psychiatric hospitals.  CSOC then makes the referral to the Excel and Insight Programs.


  • Treatment Components
    Our residential services stand apart from other programs in that we offer a comprehensive treatment approach.
  • Academics
    Brookfield Schools provides the educational programs for CFG Residentials, LLC. Brookfield Schools, accredited through the National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education Services (NCASES), has a 25 year history of serving students throughout the State of New Jersey. Their mission is to provide innovative, practical, and effective education for students with special emotional needs.
  • Recreation and Community Involvement
    Therapeutic recreation services are an important component to residential treatment. Each program has a full-time recreation therapist that is dedicated to using treatment, education and recreation services to help residents develop and use skills in ways that enhance their health, functional abilities, independence and quality of life.
  • Family Involvement
    The key to treatment at our programs is involvement with family and with those who have the best interest of the child at heart desiring to provide a caring and nurturing relationship for the child.