Prior to admission, all youth, parents, and guardians are welcome to visit the program, meet staff and gain a basic understanding of the treatment program and services.

Each resident admitted to the program will be welcomed with a respectful and thorough orientation. Residents and families will also be provided with a handbook to learn more about the program and what to expect of their experience with CFG Residentials, LLC.

  • Kids In Transition
    KIT serves adolescent boys between the ages of 13 and 17. KIT provides treatment to the most vulnerable, high risk youth who meet the Specialty Services Criteria of the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services (DCBHS), with a full scale IQ above 55.
  • Insight & Excel
    The Excel Program serves pre-adolescent males and females ages 11-13. The Insight Program serves 14-17 year-old male and female adolescents.